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January 2, 2010

What to do in January in the vegetable garden

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The weather in January means there are fewer outside jobs to do in the vegetable garden, and productive time can be spent inside planning this season’s crops.

Seeds to Sow in January:

Crops to Harvest in January:

  • cabbages

  • sprouts
  • kale
  • leeks
  • parsnips

Other January Jobs:

November 30, 2009

What to do in the Garden in December

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What to do in the garden in December depends on the weather &, more particularly, on how wet the ground is.  It is not good to tread on wet soil, because it ruins the soil structure.

In December sow:



In December crop:

  • celery
  • leeks
  • parsnips
  • sprouts
  • cabbages
  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • spinach beet

In December protect from cold winds & frost (with fleece or cloches):

  • bay
  • rosemary
  • marjoram

December is a good time to browse catalogues to see what vegetable seeds & plants are on offer, when it is too wet to get on the garden in December.

October 1, 2009

What to Grow in September

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Swiss chard, perpetual spinach & mixed winter salad leaves directly into
the vegetable garden.

Lamb’s lettuce, salad onions, mustard & cress can be grown under cloches
for winter salads



Planting out (later in the month) seedlings:

Perpetual spinach, radicchio, spring cabbages

August 28, 2009

Jobs for September.

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  • directly into the vegetable garden: swiss chard, perpetual spinach & mixed winter salad leaves
  • under cloches: lamb’s lettuce, salad onions, mustard & cress for winter salads

Plant out (later in the month) seedlings:

Perpetual spinach, radicchio, spring cabbages, & chicory.




Broad, French & runner beans, peas, cabbages, onions, carrots, lettuce, courgettes, tomatoes, marrows and sweetcorn.



Other jobs:

  • pull soil up to celariac and leeks
  • cut off canes, of blackberry & raspberry that fruited this year, at ground level AND tie in new canes


  • order new canes for winter planting

August 23, 2009

What to do in the Vegetable Garden in August.

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What to do in the Vegetable Garden in August.

Pick off unhealthy leaves
The vegetable garden should be inspected regularly for pests and disease. Any badly infected or diseased leaves should be removed. Do not put them on the compost heap, remove them completely from the vegetable garden so that the pest or disease does not spread.

Stake vegetables

Beans, tomatoes, peppers, and chili’s can be staked to keep the fruit off the ground and prevent fruit rot. When the vegetable plants are standing up the air can circulate around them, preventing the muggy conditions that allow fungal diseases to develop.

Water vegetables when necessary

* Make sure vegetables in the garden have enough water.
* Water vegetables at soil level, rather than wetting the leaves which can encourage leaf disease.

Sow vegetable seed

Click this link to read about 10 different vegetable seeds to sow in August.

August 16, 2009

10 Seeds to Sow now – in August

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Here is a list of 10 different seeds to sow now, in August:



This list of 10 different seeds to sow now, in August, will keep the veg garden going over the winter and into the spring

August 11, 2009

What to plant in August in the Vegetable Garden

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August is the month for harvesting in the vegetable garden,but sowing and planting can continue.  Also  spend some time planning for the winter.

Sow Parsley for winter cropping

Sow into a seedbed or pots for transplanting later:

Planting the vegetable garden in August will provide vegetables through the winter and into spring.

July 25, 2009

What to plant in July

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What vegetables can be planted in July?

These veg can be sown  directly into the ground:

Kale, spinach beet, Chinese greens, cabbages, winter lettuce  & winter radish.

These vegetables will supply fresh green leaves later on in the year if planted in July

April 30, 2009

Jobs for May

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Jobs for May:


  • into seedbeds – brussels sprouts, broccoli, winter cabbage & kale
  • directly into the ground – peas, lettuce, salad leaves, spring onions, beetroot, rocket, carrots, coriander & kohlrabi

Harden off:

celery plants to set outdoors at end of month

Plant into ground at end of month:

beans, squash, courgettes, sweetcorn & pumpkins


  • cabbages & spinach left from winter
  • new-crop lettuce, salad leaves, rocket and spring onions

Other jobs:

  • thin seedlings
  • prepare ground for leeks
  • stake broad beans
  • put straw under strawberries
  • weed, hoe & mulch


March 16, 2009

Vegetables to plant in April

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 Sow seeds

  • Directly into the ground:

          o broad beans
          o kale
          o kohl rabi
          o parsnip
          o leeks

  • at the end of the month, under glass, to plant out at the end of May:
                    + runner beans
                    + french beans
                    + courgettes
                    + squash
                    + pumpkins
                    + sweet corn


  •     repeat sow directly in ground:
                    + salad leaves
                    + lettuce
                    + rocket
                    + parsley
                    + coriander
                    + carrots
                    + spring onions


    * Onion sets, garlic and shallots if not already done
    * All hardy vegetables started indoors in March in the ground at the
      end of April
    * Rest of potatoes
    * Seedling vegetable plants purchased from garden center



Polythene & fleece can be used to protect early outdoor sowings &
tender plantings. Some vegetables, particularly beetroot, will bolt
 if caught by a cold snap.

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