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January 11, 2010

What are Baby Mini Vegetables

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Baby or mini vegetables are what the modern household requires – small, but perfectly formed vegetables.

Mini veg are produced in several ways:



  • harvesting vegetables when young – such as  carrots


  • planting seed close together – such as  Leek King Richard, which can be direct sown  closer together, without the need to transplant for mini leeks


  • special mini cultivars produce baby fruit from compact plants

examples include:

Gone are the days when a cabbage or cauliflower lasts a family a week – sections of the head being cut off and cooked each day.  Now a baby or mini veg will provide a mature cabbage or cauliflower which is small enough to be eaten by one or two people in one sitting.  If the household is larger, the baby mini veg provide the opportunity to present a selection of fresh vegetables, by using several different mini veg for one meal.

Gone are the days when a cabbage or cauliflower lasts a week – with sections being cut off and cooked each day. Now these vegetables have varieties which will mature quickly and produce a very small specimen, just large enough for one or two people to eat in one meal. Or, their compact size means that they can be mixed with other mini veg to provide a selection of fresh veg for one meal.

October 14, 2009

Baby/mini leeks

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Baby/mini leeks are used for salad, stir-fries, soups and stews.  Children like them because they are pretty, mild and different.

To grow baby/mini leeks:

  • space close together in the row
  • sow in a small garden, an allotment, or in containers on the patio
  • liquid feed weekly if grown in a container
  • harvest 16–20 weeks after sowing, when still young,tender and full of flavour
  • use immediately, as mini veg do not store well
  • make successive sowings throughout the growing season for a continual supply.



Baby/Mini Leek Varieties

King Richard

  • A very early, high yielding, mild flavoured leek with extra long, slim stalks

Swiss Giant Evita

  • A fast-growing, high-yielding variety with long straight shanks

Baby Jolant

  • A vigorous, very early cropping variety giving high density stems with a mild flavour

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