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July 22, 2010

Growing parsnips under enviromesh

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Growing parsnips under enviromesh has given us happier plants.  The photo below shows how well the parsnips have developed, with very long roots. 


parsnips' long roots

The parsnip leaves are in perfect conditiom, but in previous years the parsnips never looked well and grew slowly.  We think the enviromesh must have kept the insects off the parsnips & these were the insects which caused unseen damage which resulted in slow growth.

July 9, 2010

How To Grow Parsnip Card

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Farming Friends & TopVeg have collaborated to create some FREE How To Grow Vegetables Cards, including this How to Grow Parsnips card.



 If you would like a pdf of this parsnip card or any of the How to Grow cards, please complete the contact form asking for the grow card you would like and we will email it to you.

May 15, 2007

Planting Parsnip Seeds

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Parsnip seeds have been planted today. The traditional time for sowing parsnips is February, but in our vegetable garden the parsnip seeds do better when the soil has warmed up.

Parsnip – Latin name Pastinaca sativa

Variety – Avonresister

Chosen because of good canker resistance, and ideal for small gardens and high density cropping. Growing enough root crops to last the winter is always a problem, so the opportunity to grow more, smaller roots seemed worth taking.

Soil preparation :



    * luckily the bed had been covered with polythene to keep the rain off. So the soil was dry.



    * sowing depth – 1cm
    * distance between seeds – 10cm
    * distance between rows – 30cm



    * the row was then firmed down with the rake head
    * the seed was watered in  to firm the row



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